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Fire Extinguishers 2 You - Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher - Buy Online

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are a new innovation in the fire industry. Cooking appliances are the biggest single source of accidental fire in the workplace, with this in mind the wet chemical solution, the most effective means of extinguishing fires involving deep fat fryers. The solution cools and emulsifies when applied to burning fats and oils. This seals the surface and prevents re-ignition of the fire. Wet chemical extinguishers also have A class fire rating.

6 Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher - Red

  Free 5 Year Guarantee
  Suitable for
Class A & F Fire Risks
  Use On: Cooking Oil / Fat Fires plus Wood, Paper, Textiles, Plastics
  Use in: restaurants, cafes hotels, nursing homes and commercial kitchens.
  We recommend a CO2 fire extinguisher in addition for electrical fires - computer, laptops, printers and other electrical equipment.
Price (Ex VAT) Including Bracket 89.99
Matching Fire Extinguisher Sign (Ex VAT)  4.99
Technical Specification: 
Design Standard: BS 7937:2000
Type: Stored Pressure
Pressure: 7 bar (pressurise with air or Nitrogen)
Charge: wet chemical
M1022 + 3 ltrs water
Cylinder: Stainless steel 104
Finish: Epoxy polyester gloss red
Valve: Chrome plated brass / stainless steel levers
Delivery Hose: Black reinforced P.V.C.
Dimensions: 560mm x 185mm
Transport Class: Non flammable, non toxic gas.

Fire Extinguishers 2 You provide a range of top quality wet chemical fire extinguishers at very competitive prices. All our wet chemical fire extinguishers are Kite Marked & CE Certified and are available for next day delivery if ordered before 2pm Call 0800 862 0447 for further information on any wet chemical fire extinguisher or contact us online